četrtek, 12. december 2019

Student Tuesdays in Koper

From comedy to theme nights of international cuisine.

Student life in Koper is truly diverse. There is something happening for everyone and Student organization of the University of Primorska is actively preparing all sorts of events, especially on Tuesdays.

Stand-Up Comedy Night

The performer of Stand-Up Comedy Night, organized on December 10th, at ŠOUP was Admir Baltić. He was making jokes about himself, his family and friends and problems of modern Slovenia that made viewers laugh from beginning till the end. The halls of ŠOUP were filled with laughter throughout the whole one-hour show and students had a lot of fun. 

One of the students shared her thoughts after the show: „Me and my friends had a lot of fun. I really enjoyed the show and am so happy that this was organized. I am looking forward for more shows like this.“

Evening of Thai Cuisine

After the stand up show, it was time for dinner and new discoveries. The International department of the Student Organization of the University of Primorska is preparing theme nights of international cuisine every second Tuesday of the month. The second evening we have been discovering the flavors of Thailand.

The dinner started off with chef Luca Patricio Benitez Piyuka expressing gratitude to be there and was really excited to show us what he prepared. The meal started with carrot ginger soup that had a very interesting and sweet taste. The main course was an amazing chicken satay, chicken strips marinated in Thai paste. To top it all off a tasty dessert was served. Mango sticky rice had given us a very sweet ending to the dinner. 

Students were enjoying trying new tastes and were having a lot of fun. One student said: „Superbly prepared food with great company and great atmosphere!

Party Time

As student are known to be more of the late night types, every Tuesday night is reserved for special themed parties organized in Generation bar & club. 

As have been entertained all night and well feed, it was a good idea to finish the night with some dancing. If it is Tuesday night, you know where to find us! ;)

Zanimivo /povezane novice

beograd s šoup

Beograd s ŠOUP

2. - 3. aprila nas čaka odštekan izlet!

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