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Festival uličnih umetnikov se bo leta 2019 odvil od 6. do 8. 9. 2019.

Frivolus 2018 - Jakob Bužan

Pod pokroviteljstvom Mestne Občine Koper se bo FRIVOLUS letos četrtič odvil v starem mestnem jedru Kopra, od 6.  do 8. septembra 2019. Tridnevni kulturno-umetniški festival bo častil čarovnike, žonglerje, akrobate, iluzioniste, igralce, glasbenike in ostale ulične umetnike, ki bodo oživeli trge, ulice in sprehajališča...

Organizator: ŠOUP


Frivolus is a festival of street art, street theatre, where professional artists and groups that operate outside the institutionalized / commercial theatres and circus, shows their performances on the street.

Under the auspices of the Municipality of Koper for the fourth time the festival will took place in the city of Koper from 6. to 8.9.2019.

How to apply?

Yes, we are looking for you! Artistic soul who has a different view of the world. Soul who knows how to do magic, walk on ropes, bring fire, a soul that performs acrobatics on a trapeze, playing with balloons and turns them into creatures. We are looking for individual street artist and also group.

During the festival we will host 3 big cruise ships with 6,000 passengers from all around the world.

Send your application with your description, photo and video no later than 27. 7. 2019 at: The application form is here.