torek, 31. marec 2020

Call to landlords

Help us overcome the current financial distress!

The Student Organization of the University of Primorska (ŠOUP) urges landlords who rent beds to Slovenian and foreign students of the University of Primorska to help them overcome the current unpredictable financial distress until the completion of the measures to curb the infectious disease COVID-19.

The hardship of students at the University of Primorska is even more pressing, as the issue of student accommodation on the Slovenian coast is extensive. Due to the chronic lack of dormitories, the housing problems of UP students are of great concern. There are less than 8% of students in student dormitories, the average in other universities centers is around 16%.

There are also a large number of exchange students at the University of Primorska who are currently in high crisis. Some are no longer able to return home, work as students, and are also not eligible for assistance as they are not residents of the Republic of Slovenia.

“At ŠOUP, we are aware of the situation that many students have found themselves in. At the moment, it is especially important not to forget those housed in private accomodations. I urge all landlords to arrange new renting agreements with students. It makes sense to consider whether students could be exempt of rent entirely or at least pay half of the rent. I certainly want the landlords to understand the hardship of the students, as some of them are completely without income,” says Jure Ciglar, President of the ŠOUP, adding that students' representatives will continue their efforts to find the best possible solutions for the current situation of all students in Slovenia.

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